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COVID-19 Information

Classes Have Resumed!

In alignment with NYC reopening more fully on May 17, we are now allowing 4-6 students in classes, when there are at least two of those students from a single household.
Additionally, although there is new guidance from the CDC regarding masks and vaccinated individuals, we are abiding by current NY State guidelines that still require mask wearing and social distancing indoors, despite vaccination status. 

We also continue to do temperature checks upon arrival at the studio.This seems to be the best solution for the time being, especially to accommodate all our customers.  All of our instructors and assistants are now fully vaccinated.  Please be aware that some of our students may be immune compromised or work as first responders, and we want everyone to feel safe and welcome.

Especially during this transition time, and even when some changes seem to be in contradiction, we will stick with mask wearing, social distancing, hand washing/hand sanitizer, disinfecting tools, and ventilation/air flow with open doors and fans.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns related to our Covid policies.  As these guidelines continue to change, we will update our policy accordingly and communicate any major changes.  You can also continue to check back here.